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Luckily, I am pretty sure my surgeon is better than the one pictures above (at least I hope so). Yup, I am having shoulder surgery tomorrow to fix a bicep tendon that I tore in the Army. It has been a long two year process to get to the point where I can actually be treated, so despite my slight (ok, fairly hefty) nerves about going into my first major surgery, I am excited to finally get better! I miss kickboxing. Shoot, I miss being able to simply lift heavy things! I cannot wait! As my surgeon put it, “this is a painful one.” So the first few weeks should be unpleasant, but I have lots and lots of homemade soup and goodies stocked up, so hopefully it wont be too bad. I figure I will take the time to catch up on all of those t.v. series that came out in the last few years and I have never had the time to watch. Anyway, I may not be able to post much for a little while until I can use both hands again and no longer have to be knocked out on pain pills. Wish me luck world! I can only that I will be back to my old ass-kicking self very soon. 

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  1. Best of luck on your surgery.


  2. Ingrid Robinson

    Dear Becca I will be there in thoughts. Lots of love. Grandma.


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